Back to Business, Whatever That Means

14 11 2010

My recent project has been this pair of socks made of Malbrigo sock. Great stuff. Very soft. This is my second go at the socks, and I hate to admit, this is what it looked like before I frogged it the first time. I am now to the gusset part and they are still coming along.


My second project that has come in a big fat halt is this scarf for my friend K. She’s been super supportive of me and the minions. She came over and gave me a much needed hour to myself and they are enjoying talking to her about minion stuff. This will be my thank you to her. Eventually.


Speaking of eventually. Exactly 15 months to the day I finished the Henry scarf. Finally. Some days it felt like it would never be finished. It does deserve a post of its own. The recipient was very pleased about the scarf (even though I thought it was going to be more blue). Taking pictures of the scarf on said recipient are still on my to do list. Maybe I should name my platypus Henry.



A Few Things

30 11 2009

I can knit. I’m almost done!  My aunt had asked me about something to cover her ears when she walks and she had seen someone with a thing to do so on one of hers.  I thought of this, thanks to Stringgeek.  It seems so much bigger than I thought it was going to be.  Is this normal?  No, I didn’t make a swatch. (ahem.)



“Look ma, it looks like a sock!”

17 11 2009

Stripes. Knitting from both ends of the yarn cake. Hmm, ever find yourself in a situation where you’re just inviting disaster? (Have you noticed, not a jellyfish or dinosaur in sight.) I think I might have made the cuff a little snug, but I’m not sure. It fit over my heel so I’m hopeful. I think I botched up the join at the top of the cuff by twisting it. (Yes, I’m sure I’ll frog it after this picture and fix it.)


My excuse for not starting the kids toys yet? I can’t find the ones I made last year. I think they are in a box, in the garage. So annoyed. I thought they were in with a big tub of stuffed animals and then I thought they were in a plastic bag of stuffed animals. (Or was that the other way around.) Either way, I can’t find them.

Ménage à trois

16 11 2009


Dear Henry,

I’m not sure what has come over me.  Sure, I could blame it on the Noro Sock yarn’s long luscious color ways or the fact that I’ve made a successful sock before out of Noro.  It might be that the new cast on was just too enticing to resist.  Maybe I just needed a little more variety.  I’m certain guilt had something to do with it as well since it’s been over a year since I’ve finished a sock.

I’m sorry you’ve had to share a bag with the Noro scarf.  There was just so much room, I thought you wouldn’t mind.  It was insensitive of me.  Even your to be recipient noted that I wasn’t working upon your luxuriousness.

Please forgive me.

Can’t Focus At All

12 11 2009

Not even a little bit.  All I want to do is knit.


Unfortunately, my day job is keeping me very busy as well. So, I take time when I can, like the 5 minutes when I’m waiting for the school bus to drop off my kid. Walking to the elevator from my desk. Makes sense to me, and I me get curious looks too. I’m on a time frame people!


This is my first attempt at spinning with pencil roving. I think it’s possible I would pick up more Louet roving, although it isn’t very soft. It’s very easy to spin, even trying out long draw method.  After taking the roving out of the bag it was packaged in it just blew up on me as you can see from this picture.  I don’t think I would successfully get it back into the bag.


Dear Henry…

11 11 2009


It’s not that I don’t love all of your 692 stitches per row or the variegation of your colors.  I’ve been putting this off for quite a long time now.  I suppose that it is because I don’t care much for conflict and I like to finish what I start.  I blame it on the holidays and the realization that it’s November now, mid November even and I haven’t even begun to think about the kids Christmas presents.

Sure, I could go to a store and buy them the Bakugan they want more, or the newly found Tech Decks.  (If you really hate your friends or family, buy their young children Tech Decks for the holidays.  I thought Transformers were bad…nope, try looking for a tire half the size of a green pea or a screw the size you use for eyeglasses.)  I’d like to think I’ve started quite the tradition now, for at least the last few years.

It’s just these time restraints.  You know, between work and family and friends, I just can’t commit the time.  I know it didn’t help that I gave the timeline of “sometime before I die,” but at the time it seemed reasonable.  I promise that I won’t stuff you into the bottom of my work basket or hide you in a closet.  (Apparently, that is saved only for finished projects.  Don’t ask, it’s making me grumpy.)

You are always welcome to accompany me anywhere I go because you are not a blanket, thank goodness.  I promise that I will try not to leave you at other people’s houses again.  I promise not to make fun of the 692 stitches that seemed like such a great idea.  (Since apparently I had none.  Yes, I have contemplated making one for myself, there’s a Seasilk color way just talking to me.)

Please don’t fret.




9 11 2009



Imbrium told me all about Sock Summit and showed me the new stash acquirements. ^.^ Pictures are great, but when your friends let you pet their purchases… I know sounds a little off, but knitters know…

The best part ever was that Imbrium showed me how to make purls on a long tail cast on. Best.thing.ever. I can’t wait to cast something on. (Socks, it’s just a matter of time.)  There was also this sort of vertical knitting thing, that just fascinated me, but I still don’t think I quite get (just saw the swatch).

Thank you Stringgeek and Imbrium for chatting with me while I continue on my plight to finish the Henry scarf. I know, you can hardly tell.


This will be my new spinning project. Blue, as determined by my online friend that I asked to pick a color. It’s Louet wool top that I picked up from Purls of Wisdom quite some time ago. The color way just had to come home with me. I have a couple more samples finish up, then I will be ready to start. It will be the first full project since the beginning of this year (if not last year).


Thing 1 spotted this evening and has decided I can make her a jellyfish out of it.  I told her that’s an awful lot of spinning to do by Christmas.  She said I could make one next year instead so then the purple one could have a boyfriend.  *giggle* Ah… to be 10.