I Finally Acquired Some

7 07 2010

I can’t recall when I started looking for a specific self-striping sock yarn.  I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with self-striping sock yarn.  It’s taken years of searching specifically looking for one with seeds.


I finally found some.  Yes.  Watermelon sock yarn.


Ah, the things we do…

10 01 2010



The best thing about friends are those who entertain your whims by taking you to yarn stores you don’t need to go to.  Starting from left to right, I went to Mew Mew’s, a very tiny shop in Lafayette.  Cozy, carries Malabrigo and has a store tabby, awesome.  So, there’s watermelon colored sock yarn (still not what I’m looking for to appease my watermelon phase, but it’s getting warmer), Malabrigo sock (awesome), and Malabrigo worsted (yummy).  I also went to Lambspun, which is large, full of knitters/spinners and left me completely overwhelmed.  I acquired a little bag of quiviet, a big thing of green, some sockish weight yarn and something with yak in it.


Quiviet.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to spin it.  It’s only 1/2 an ounce, I’m not even sure it will amount to much of anything.  I did have two friends touch it today, both non-knitters, both who said, “You paid how much for yak fur?” and who both said, “Wow…”

The Elder Gods, Keepin’ Me Busy

7 01 2010


Sometime last Spring my friend Josh asked me if I could make him a Cthulu. I of course gave him my typical answer of, some time before I die.  This past weekend when I saw him proved that he hadn’t forgotten the request.


Suddenly, I found myself inspired to get started. I think it turned out well. I am sad that I didn’t follow the links on the pattern’s site for the magic round or the invisible decreases. Very clever ideas. I used a size H hook instead of an F. I couldn’t figure out how to get the tiny hook to work correctly with the worsted weight yarn. Maybe I’ll try another one since I now know the magic of the magic round and invisible decreases.


The designer of this pattern mentions that the directions for the wings is somewhat confusing. However, the designer offers a visual representation of them, which helps a lot.  Over all, it was a super fun little crochet.  Also a super way to use up acrylic.

I also finished measuring and re-skeining the samples I spun up towards the end of last year. I heart my yard counter. Now if I could just figure out what to do with all the yarn in my growing stash.


I started plying my last spinning adventure. I enjoyed the Louet Northern Lights pencil roving immensely. It was super easy to spin, no predrafting at all. I’m plying it double ply from two bobbins. I do enjoy this method, although I am wondering if I should have used the Navajo ply in order to maintain the long color stripes in this roving.


I’ve decided I need to start a blanket soon, I think I have until April. I’d like to try the spiral looking drain blanket, but the first time I started it on the needle size suggested it felt extraordinarily stiff.

Those are the latest addition to my addiction family, Addi Clicks.  They are worth every penny.



16 09 2009

I started a new spinning project.


It’s another sample from Funky Carolina and I think I will be trying to Navajo ply this sample instead of blending it with white Merino.  First, I don’t think this is Merino (actually I know it can’t be).  Second, I’m curious to see what it will ply into since I didn’t diz the roving sample.


I don’t have a picture of the other two samples I finished up.  I set one of the samples, and the other one is ready to be set.  I also got a new book, Twisted Stitch Knitting, and I have to say this really is one of the niftiest books I’ve ever seen.  It’s full of charts, which is mildly intimidating, since I’ve never worked from one yet.

Opaque As Glass

3 07 2009

The clear kind that is. Apparently, one of the ways to get my inspiration started is to look over my stash and say, “This yarn feels great. If I had a scarf made of this, I’d wear it all the time.” Now that I know this, I’ll have to keep everyone out of my stash.  I personally didn’t have a good color way, or at least one that I thought would be perfect, and we all know me and my perfectionism.


So, enter new friends to my family. The color way is Trillium, and it truly is a wonderful mix of blue, green and gold. The pattern that this fine seasilk is destined to be is Henry. I’m fairly certain that the variegated look of this yarn will not look too badly in this pattern. I’ve already decided to add an extra 32 inches to this scarf, at least I think so, because the 60 inches I believe will be too short (and this wasn’t entirely my decision, it was more of my concern and the subject of my crazy agreeing). Now my only concern being, I’ve never blocked silk, and I have no idea what it will do. Anyone? Suggestions?

Granted now, my “surprise” idea is not really a surprise (which is why I’m blogging about it) since the intended is very adept apparently in my sneaky ways of researching information.

Me: “So…what color wouldn’t you be caught wearing.?”
Friend: “Uh…pink?”
Friend: “Hey, you’re not using me as a convenient excuse to make your stash bigger are you?”
Me: “Um, no, of course not. I never need an excuse.”

My original thought was to measure someone who was of similar height. Apparently, my reality was that I didn’t need to. After the friend inquired if the yarn carelessly left out (or completely on purpose) might just be a scarf for them, I confessed my lack of sneaky and said I was going to now measure them. Much easier than trying to puzzle it out myself. (Next time my sneak attack knitting occurs, I will just have to say nothing.)

My current hypothesis is that the scarf should be done sometime before the year 3000. Plenty of time. (Although, my comment was more like, “before I’m dead,” but that seems so depressing really.) Besides 644 stitches, that’s not that many. Really. O.o

And now that I have my calculation of yarn correct,

(The recommendation in the pattern says, 183 meters (200 yards) in a ball, 4 balls = 732 meters (not yards AND since the skeins I have come in this mystical “meters” I don’t have to do a “yard” conversion). 732 meters / 60 inches = 12.2 meters per inch. Add 32 inches (to make a 92 inch scarf, I think I remember this correctly, I’m actually *very* impressed that the other scarf was just about exactly 92 inches long. I don’t think I could have made that more close.) Ok…32 inches * 12.2 meters = 390.4 which would equate to 1 more skein, 400 meters in a skein.)

I just know everything will come together just fine. (Shh, let me have my fantasy.)

Non Stop Go

15 06 2009

First things first.

This is the prize for May’s blogiversary contest. Shiny sock yarn, tea, and a bar of soap. I love milk soap.  The winner is One Sheep.  Please leave another comment so I can email you.  ^.^


Second, I got to go to Estes Park this weekend for the EPWM. I totally spaced it. Thank you again Imbrium for enabling reminding me.


My haul this year involved an roving (L to right clockwise) from Lambspun, angora blend (which I have never spun before), natural dyed fiber from Stefania, and lace weight yarn from Skaska.

This is a set of felting needles.


My mantra will be, I shall not hide these so well from myself that I can’t find them when I want to find them. Unlike the last set, which was set in such a safe place, I can’t find the safe place. I hate it when I do that. I found it mildly amusing that I was looking for a needle in my apartment…like a needle in a haystack…except the needle was somewhere in the closet. The thought made me laugh (sort of, when I wasn’t grumbling like a crazed woman talking to herself in a closet).