Back to Business, Whatever That Means

14 11 2010

My recent project has been this pair of socks made of Malbrigo sock. Great stuff. Very soft. This is my second go at the socks, and I hate to admit, this is what it looked like before I frogged it the first time. I am now to the gusset part and they are still coming along.


My second project that has come in a big fat halt is this scarf for my friend K. She’s been super supportive of me and the minions. She came over and gave me a much needed hour to myself and they are enjoying talking to her about minion stuff. This will be my thank you to her. Eventually.


Speaking of eventually. Exactly 15 months to the day I finished the Henry scarf. Finally. Some days it felt like it would never be finished. It does deserve a post of its own. The recipient was very pleased about the scarf (even though I thought it was going to be more blue). Taking pictures of the scarf on said recipient are still on my to do list. Maybe I should name my platypus Henry.




5 04 2010

I finished a pair of socks.


Imperfect. Clashing. Finished socks.


I’ve started another pair. Again. (Pictures to come in another post.) Out of a mess I tried last year. I think it’s just the pattern that makes it seem odd to me, but I press on. This is the first time using the magic loop for sock knitting. I have mixed feelings about it. This go around they feel less tight on the foot, but I think I’m knitting them with a larger needle than I did before. I’m not sure how I determined I should knit on US 0 when the pattern clearly mentions US 1. The appearance of ladders is nearly non-existent (I can tell, because I am a crazy perfectionist), but the cable is a bit unruly and gets in my way where DPNs do not.


“Look ma, it looks like a sock!”

17 11 2009

Stripes. Knitting from both ends of the yarn cake. Hmm, ever find yourself in a situation where you’re just inviting disaster? (Have you noticed, not a jellyfish or dinosaur in sight.) I think I might have made the cuff a little snug, but I’m not sure. It fit over my heel so I’m hopeful. I think I botched up the join at the top of the cuff by twisting it. (Yes, I’m sure I’ll frog it after this picture and fix it.)


My excuse for not starting the kids toys yet? I can’t find the ones I made last year. I think they are in a box, in the garage. So annoyed. I thought they were in with a big tub of stuffed animals and then I thought they were in a plastic bag of stuffed animals. (Or was that the other way around.) Either way, I can’t find them.

Ménage à trois

16 11 2009


Dear Henry,

I’m not sure what has come over me.  Sure, I could blame it on the Noro Sock yarn’s long luscious color ways or the fact that I’ve made a successful sock before out of Noro.  It might be that the new cast on was just too enticing to resist.  Maybe I just needed a little more variety.  I’m certain guilt had something to do with it as well since it’s been over a year since I’ve finished a sock.

I’m sorry you’ve had to share a bag with the Noro scarf.  There was just so much room, I thought you wouldn’t mind.  It was insensitive of me.  Even your to be recipient noted that I wasn’t working upon your luxuriousness.

Please forgive me.

Better Late Than Never?

5 06 2009


I’m now starting to drown in projects that I’m just not finishing.

Project #1 (because listing them and showing pictures of them online is somehow going to make me feel better) are the gloves for Gimion. Yup… 1 and a half fingerless gloves (that most likely won’t fit) but, hey, they’re pretty…I mean manly.


Project #2 my jaywalker socks. Well, they once were socks, now they’re cakes. Does it count as a project if you frog it back into a cake?


Project #3 new Noro socks. Again. With the cake. I realized, only after I split the skein, that I could have left it alone for the striping and well, I’d just rather not talk about it, moving on…


Project #4 pencil scarf for Thing 2’s teacher. Crap. Today was the day, and well, that didn’t happen. If you find my motivation please let it know I didn’t mean to yell and scream at it. I miss it. I’ll make cookies if it will come home. (Ok, so I won’t, because you need motivation to do that.) (Yes, this is the same picture as the prior post, like I said…motivation.)


Project #5 because it seemed like a good idea at the time, is a strap for my Nerf gun. I even got a request from a friend to make a holster for their Nerf shotgun. I don’t think my friends know me, have they ever seen me finish a project?


I don’t even want to count the projects I’ve thought about and even bought nice yarn for. These items are somewhere in the 4-5 range and sitting in a box growling at me. When you have to chain up your stash box does that mean it’s gone feral?