Back to Business, Whatever That Means

14 11 2010

My recent project has been this pair of socks made of Malbrigo sock. Great stuff. Very soft. This is my second go at the socks, and I hate to admit, this is what it looked like before I frogged it the first time. I am now to the gusset part and they are still coming along.


My second project that has come in a big fat halt is this scarf for my friend K. She’s been super supportive of me and the minions. She came over and gave me a much needed hour to myself and they are enjoying talking to her about minion stuff. This will be my thank you to her. Eventually.


Speaking of eventually. Exactly 15 months to the day I finished the Henry scarf. Finally. Some days it felt like it would never be finished. It does deserve a post of its own. The recipient was very pleased about the scarf (even though I thought it was going to be more blue). Taking pictures of the scarf on said recipient are still on my to do list. Maybe I should name my platypus Henry.




9 11 2009



Imbrium told me all about Sock Summit and showed me the new stash acquirements. ^.^ Pictures are great, but when your friends let you pet their purchases… I know sounds a little off, but knitters know…

The best part ever was that Imbrium showed me how to make purls on a long tail cast on. Best.thing.ever. I can’t wait to cast something on. (Socks, it’s just a matter of time.)  There was also this sort of vertical knitting thing, that just fascinated me, but I still don’t think I quite get (just saw the swatch).

Thank you Stringgeek and Imbrium for chatting with me while I continue on my plight to finish the Henry scarf. I know, you can hardly tell.


This will be my new spinning project. Blue, as determined by my online friend that I asked to pick a color. It’s Louet wool top that I picked up from Purls of Wisdom quite some time ago. The color way just had to come home with me. I have a couple more samples finish up, then I will be ready to start. It will be the first full project since the beginning of this year (if not last year).


Thing 1 spotted this evening and has decided I can make her a jellyfish out of it.  I told her that’s an awful lot of spinning to do by Christmas.  She said I could make one next year instead so then the purple one could have a boyfriend.  *giggle* Ah… to be 10.

The Gift

31 08 2009

This is where I put in a picture you have already seen. 1) I haven’t taken any new ones, with 900+ stitches, the progress doesn’t show well, 2) I’m feeling lazy, I just don’t want to hook up my camera.


The picture here, is because we’re all here for the pictures. At least I am.

It occurred to me today as I was at my dentist appointment that knitting is a gift.  A wonderous gift.  This dentist whom I have seen since I was 12, looked at my Ziploc bag and said, “Oh, is that knitting?”  I replied, “Yes.”  He looks over my x-rays and comments, “What are you knitting?  It looks like something I like.”  I replied, “A scarf.  I typically knit scarves, but I know how to do sweaters and socks.  That’s made out of silk.”  He smiles, “Oh, that explains it.  It looked like something delicate.”

That’s when it hit me, I am so tickled when people recognize that something you are making is knitting.  Not crochet, not any other yarn craft, but knitting.  I hate to say, but I’m even more impressed when men recognize it.  Although I probably have had more men recognize it than women, truth be told.  Ah, yes with gender profiling.

I was always taught that making something special for someone was more meaningful, or at least should be, than something store bought.  Oddly enough, I’m not always a very good receiver, lame and hypocritical I know.  I’m a hard person to shop for.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had a “perfect” present, except from my parents.  (This is where I start rambling.)  I know I’ve always had very happy recipients, and really I haven’t really knitted many things for myself.  Knitting is just something I do.  Kind of like breathing.

Non Stop Go

15 06 2009

First things first.

This is the prize for May’s blogiversary contest. Shiny sock yarn, tea, and a bar of soap. I love milk soap.  The winner is One Sheep.  Please leave another comment so I can email you.  ^.^


Second, I got to go to Estes Park this weekend for the EPWM. I totally spaced it. Thank you again Imbrium for enabling reminding me.


My haul this year involved an roving (L to right clockwise) from Lambspun, angora blend (which I have never spun before), natural dyed fiber from Stefania, and lace weight yarn from Skaska.

This is a set of felting needles.


My mantra will be, I shall not hide these so well from myself that I can’t find them when I want to find them. Unlike the last set, which was set in such a safe place, I can’t find the safe place. I hate it when I do that. I found it mildly amusing that I was looking for a needle in my apartment…like a needle in a haystack…except the needle was somewhere in the closet. The thought made me laugh (sort of, when I wasn’t grumbling like a crazed woman talking to herself in a closet).


The Post That Was Late

5 06 2009

It’s humid. It’s overcast. At least it’s spring.

May turned out to be an unusual month for me. I will pull a blogiversary winner. I’m just moving at a snails pace as RL is impeding on my VL. Very tech like sounding huh?

I’m currently spinning lace weight singles of white merino with the intention of having a full bobbin for times when I have a sample amount (1 oz. or less) of roving in color that I’ve spun. I plan on making a black bobbin as well. In my brain this is making sense to maximize the yardage of the color singles I make. We’ll see if I like the theory or the reality better when I ply them.


This of course will cause me to obtain at least 1 more bobbin for my wheel for larger color projects. These little color projects are amusing me for now. I originally thought that I was going to use the samples to teach people drop spindle, but they didn’t arrive in the mail quickly enough and I just ended making my own out of the stash I already had.

Tonight is the night I must finish my pencil scarf (I’m still looking for my motivation, if you see it please let me know, I miss it dearly). I have no idea how long to make this thing.