5 04 2010

I finished a pair of socks.


Imperfect. Clashing. Finished socks.


I’ve started another pair. Again. (Pictures to come in another post.) Out of a mess I tried last year. I think it’s just the pattern that makes it seem odd to me, but I press on. This is the first time using the magic loop for sock knitting. I have mixed feelings about it. This go around they feel less tight on the foot, but I think I’m knitting them with a larger needle than I did before. I’m not sure how I determined I should knit on US 0 when the pattern clearly mentions US 1. The appearance of ladders is nearly non-existent (I can tell, because I am a crazy perfectionist), but the cable is a bit unruly and gets in my way where DPNs do not.



Observations From the Last Two Minutes

2 03 2010



The blanket for The Captain is coming along slowly. Very slowly. I have until April, or college. It will get done.  Eventually.


This is the latest spinning project. It’s coming along well.  It actually looks way better than it’s cousin on the left.  The difference?  The diz on the roving before spinning.  I can’t wait to see how it plys.


Finally, this is paco-vicuna, which I found at an alpaca show this past weekend.  It’s exciting when your friends find fiber / animal shows for you to go with and are just as excited to go as you are.

Ah, the things we do…

10 01 2010



The best thing about friends are those who entertain your whims by taking you to yarn stores you don’t need to go to.  Starting from left to right, I went to Mew Mew’s, a very tiny shop in Lafayette.  Cozy, carries Malabrigo and has a store tabby, awesome.  So, there’s watermelon colored sock yarn (still not what I’m looking for to appease my watermelon phase, but it’s getting warmer), Malabrigo sock (awesome), and Malabrigo worsted (yummy).  I also went to Lambspun, which is large, full of knitters/spinners and left me completely overwhelmed.  I acquired a little bag of quiviet, a big thing of green, some sockish weight yarn and something with yak in it.


Quiviet.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to spin it.  It’s only 1/2 an ounce, I’m not even sure it will amount to much of anything.  I did have two friends touch it today, both non-knitters, both who said, “You paid how much for yak fur?” and who both said, “Wow…”

A Few Things

30 11 2009

I can knit. I’m almost done!  My aunt had asked me about something to cover her ears when she walks and she had seen someone with a thing to do so on one of hers.  I thought of this, thanks to Stringgeek.  It seems so much bigger than I thought it was going to be.  Is this normal?  No, I didn’t make a swatch. (ahem.)



Can’t Focus At All

12 11 2009

Not even a little bit.  All I want to do is knit.


Unfortunately, my day job is keeping me very busy as well. So, I take time when I can, like the 5 minutes when I’m waiting for the school bus to drop off my kid. Walking to the elevator from my desk. Makes sense to me, and I me get curious looks too. I’m on a time frame people!


This is my first attempt at spinning with pencil roving. I think it’s possible I would pick up more Louet roving, although it isn’t very soft. It’s very easy to spin, even trying out long draw method.  After taking the roving out of the bag it was packaged in it just blew up on me as you can see from this picture.  I don’t think I would successfully get it back into the bag.



10 11 2009

This is three 2-ply skeins of  yarn. Go me. (I didn’t get the fourth one done in time for a picture.)  If I take a close up picture you can’t even tell that these skeins are most likely not any longer than 22 yards long. They’re just screaming to be in something Fair Isle or a bookmark. Maybe I’ll be one of those spinner’s that actually plans out a project, but for now I remain to be a process spinner.



9 11 2009



Imbrium told me all about Sock Summit and showed me the new stash acquirements. ^.^ Pictures are great, but when your friends let you pet their purchases… I know sounds a little off, but knitters know…

The best part ever was that Imbrium showed me how to make purls on a long tail cast on. Best.thing.ever. I can’t wait to cast something on. (Socks, it’s just a matter of time.)  There was also this sort of vertical knitting thing, that just fascinated me, but I still don’t think I quite get (just saw the swatch).

Thank you Stringgeek and Imbrium for chatting with me while I continue on my plight to finish the Henry scarf. I know, you can hardly tell.


This will be my new spinning project. Blue, as determined by my online friend that I asked to pick a color. It’s Louet wool top that I picked up from Purls of Wisdom quite some time ago. The color way just had to come home with me. I have a couple more samples finish up, then I will be ready to start. It will be the first full project since the beginning of this year (if not last year).


Thing 1 spotted this evening and has decided I can make her a jellyfish out of it.  I told her that’s an awful lot of spinning to do by Christmas.  She said I could make one next year instead so then the purple one could have a boyfriend.  *giggle* Ah… to be 10.