I Found My Motivation In A Never Ending Scarf Project

6 07 2009

Because, who wouldn’t want to have 500+ live stitches to knit over and over.  (I’ve never tried lace…in the shape of a shawl that is.)  So, can you imagine what I do in the days that I have decided to start and think over this project?  So far…I have stabbed or nicked myself no less than 4 times, all in areas on my hands where yarn would typically be run over.

Talent.  Pure and utter talent.

This project has motivated me enough to work on the fingerless gloves, which I will have done before December.  I’m glad I have patient recipients.  The good news is that over the long weekend I finished said gloves.  I even weaved in the ends, I’m so proud.

I think they turned out pretty good. (I hope they fit.)  Anyone wet block gloves before?  This being my new theory on making them fit.


So…Sunday, I pulled out the swift and made a cake.


Question, please ask your friends and neighbors, what does it mean when they say silk will expand? Should I block this? I’m concerned. It’s supposed to be 92″ wide and my concern is if I plan for it to be that wide if it will then “grow” after blocking. What exactly does this mean?


Ever find yourself sort of scared of the yarn?  Please see picture above.  Making more swatches so I can make sure it will go well. (Heh.)


Better Late Than Never?

5 06 2009


I’m now starting to drown in projects that I’m just not finishing.

Project #1 (because listing them and showing pictures of them online is somehow going to make me feel better) are the gloves for Gimion. Yup… 1 and a half fingerless gloves (that most likely won’t fit) but, hey, they’re pretty…I mean manly.


Project #2 my jaywalker socks. Well, they once were socks, now they’re cakes. Does it count as a project if you frog it back into a cake?


Project #3 new Noro socks. Again. With the cake. I realized, only after I split the skein, that I could have left it alone for the striping and well, I’d just rather not talk about it, moving on…


Project #4 pencil scarf for Thing 2’s teacher. Crap. Today was the day, and well, that didn’t happen. If you find my motivation please let it know I didn’t mean to yell and scream at it. I miss it. I’ll make cookies if it will come home. (Ok, so I won’t, because you need motivation to do that.) (Yes, this is the same picture as the prior post, like I said…motivation.)


Project #5 because it seemed like a good idea at the time, is a strap for my Nerf gun. I even got a request from a friend to make a holster for their Nerf shotgun. I don’t think my friends know me, have they ever seen me finish a project?


I don’t even want to count the projects I’ve thought about and even bought nice yarn for. These items are somewhere in the 4-5 range and sitting in a box growling at me. When you have to chain up your stash box does that mean it’s gone feral?

Necessity or Hinderance?

5 05 2009

Currently, I have stitches in my forearm.  I won’t show you pictures.  This however has not stopped me from starting new yarn like projects (which is great).  Such as…


It’s a pencil scarf!  It’s for my kid’s teacher.  I wanted to make 2 but I think I’m only going to have enough time and attention span to make one.

I finished my millionth Noro scarf.  It turned out ok, but I think it looks faboo with my new coat.  I don’t buy clothes often, but I do know what looks good on me (no comments, let me have my fantasy).  In retrospect, the dark colors could have been much brighter.  I’m also not convinced if I am in love with Noro silk garden.  It’s really fuzzy.


I started working on the second glove and no, I have not weaved in the ends of the other glove.  I am still not convinced that they are going to fit the recipient.


I started running the second single through my wheel again.  I don’t know why my singles always feel so loose to me.  I don’t need a picture, since there’s one here and no one wants to see my crazy. (My friend asks me how I was doing last night and my reply was something like, “Well, I’m not homicidal yet.”)  At least I haven’t had a wad of hair like I did last time.