Happy New Year

5 01 2010

Exciting title I know.

I wish there was something interesting that has happened since the last time I posted.  I can’t say that much has happened.  The holidays occurred, the vacation at home occurred.  Friends, family, food…lots of food.  My lack of blogging has really been attributed to my lack of interest.  After all there is Ravelry, but not everyone has a Ravelry account.

The biggest thing I can announce is that despite my persistent procrastination I managed to finish up the Christmas presents for the kids.  I lucked out this year since I had until the 27th to get them completed.

This here is the first and last jellyfish I make out of dark-colored yarn.  Thing 1 adored it though and the alpaca is super soft and lovely to the touch.


This is the longneck, who’s long neck was not long enough, but is good enough.  I was in such a rush to get this guy done, I took him to a bar to finish him up while my friend and I watched an Arsenal game.  Of course in true fashion, I did not take a picture of him with the gloves on (which were well received).  (I remembered that today, doh!)  In days prior to the knitting in the bar, I spent much amusement with people who couldn’t figure out what I was knitting.


Now the sharptooth has a brother and see how they get along?


I finished the Calorimetry as well.  It still seems really really big to me.  (No, I didn’t do a swatch.  Yes, I know I should.)  I haven’t gotten a chance to give it to its recipient yet.



Happy New Year to all. ^.^



4 12 2009

I finally finished a scarf.  Nope.  Not Henry.  I used two skeins of Noro Silk Garden and I stretched the heck out of it after soaking it in cold water.  I hope it blocks okay this way.


Pattern: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf by Karen Baumer
Yarn: 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden
Needles: US 8
Modifications: Just the suggested one at the end of the pattern to make the ending triangle look like a 90 degree triangle.

What did I learn?
1) I can knit in a week, but that does not include blocking in the true sense.
2) The multidiagonal scarf pattern can make a 4′ scarf from 2 skeins of Noro as long as it is 4″ wide.  Mine was not.
3) I like knitting the scarf, although the endless garter sometimes makes me want to cry.
4) I am basing a lot of faith on the fact that not all people like wearing 6′ scarves.  Right?
5) I’m hoping that Noro Silk Garden will block despite it’s high silk content.


I hope this is long enough. (edit:  It seemed to block out okay this way.)

I have 20 days to finish the kids projects.  I have the yarn, I have the patterns.  I’m still lacking the motivation because I’m still not sure where the bunny, dinosaur and sharptooth have run off to.  This is a silly reason not to get started, but it’s my excuse for the procrastination.

I finished my other sample spinning projects and now I just have to count the yardage and reskein them.  Perhaps a project for another day. ^.^


I Found My Motivation In A Never Ending Scarf Project

6 07 2009

Because, who wouldn’t want to have 500+ live stitches to knit over and over.  (I’ve never tried lace…in the shape of a shawl that is.)  So, can you imagine what I do in the days that I have decided to start and think over this project?  So far…I have stabbed or nicked myself no less than 4 times, all in areas on my hands where yarn would typically be run over.

Talent.  Pure and utter talent.

This project has motivated me enough to work on the fingerless gloves, which I will have done before December.  I’m glad I have patient recipients.  The good news is that over the long weekend I finished said gloves.  I even weaved in the ends, I’m so proud.

I think they turned out pretty good. (I hope they fit.)  Anyone wet block gloves before?  This being my new theory on making them fit.


So…Sunday, I pulled out the swift and made a cake.


Question, please ask your friends and neighbors, what does it mean when they say silk will expand? Should I block this? I’m concerned. It’s supposed to be 92″ wide and my concern is if I plan for it to be that wide if it will then “grow” after blocking. What exactly does this mean?


Ever find yourself sort of scared of the yarn?  Please see picture above.  Making more swatches so I can make sure it will go well. (Heh.)


19 05 2009

I seem to be having a case of the can’t.stay.focused.on.a.project right now. I have a half finished mitt, half a scarf, an uncompleted blanket. My new project is transferring this onto the now empty wheel. I love my drop spindles, but the wheel is so much faster.


I reskeined the alpaca I completed. I haven’t had a spun yarn bloom all fuzzy on me like this one did.


It was just so kinky. I haven’t had that occur either, but it has ended up with the twist I prefer. Looks pretty good.



One Of Those Days…

18 05 2009

I’ve completed spinning the alpaca.  I’ve 2-plied it.  It looks pretty.  Still could have been tighter.  First time I’ve plied from 2 bobbins instead of a center pull ball.  I liked that much better than the center pull ball however, it left some left over singles that I then plied from a center pull ball.


It turned out well.  Mostly.  It’s sort of fuzzy, and bloomy and weird.  I’m sure it will knit up fine.  I had to set it twice because it seemed a little kinky.


Blogiversary update…leave a comment any time in May, win a prize, one entry per person.  Leave a link mentioning the contest on your blog, win a prize (make a comment notating this anytime in May).  Prize will be sock yarn.  I will eventually post this prize.  I haven’t had time to contemplate this far yet.


Necessity or Hinderance?

5 05 2009

Currently, I have stitches in my forearm.  I won’t show you pictures.  This however has not stopped me from starting new yarn like projects (which is great).  Such as…


It’s a pencil scarf!  It’s for my kid’s teacher.  I wanted to make 2 but I think I’m only going to have enough time and attention span to make one.

I finished my millionth Noro scarf.  It turned out ok, but I think it looks faboo with my new coat.  I don’t buy clothes often, but I do know what looks good on me (no comments, let me have my fantasy).  In retrospect, the dark colors could have been much brighter.  I’m also not convinced if I am in love with Noro silk garden.  It’s really fuzzy.


I started working on the second glove and no, I have not weaved in the ends of the other glove.  I am still not convinced that they are going to fit the recipient.


I started running the second single through my wheel again.  I don’t know why my singles always feel so loose to me.  I don’t need a picture, since there’s one here and no one wants to see my crazy. (My friend asks me how I was doing last night and my reply was something like, “Well, I’m not homicidal yet.”)  At least I haven’t had a wad of hair like I did last time.