Non Stop Go

15 06 2009

First things first.

This is the prize for May’s blogiversary contest. Shiny sock yarn, tea, and a bar of soap. I love milk soap.  The winner is One Sheep.  Please leave another comment so I can email you.  ^.^


Second, I got to go to Estes Park this weekend for the EPWM. I totally spaced it. Thank you again Imbrium for enabling reminding me.


My haul this year involved an roving (L to right clockwise) from Lambspun, angora blend (which I have never spun before), natural dyed fiber from Stefania, and lace weight yarn from Skaska.

This is a set of felting needles.


My mantra will be, I shall not hide these so well from myself that I can’t find them when I want to find them. Unlike the last set, which was set in such a safe place, I can’t find the safe place. I hate it when I do that. I found it mildly amusing that I was looking for a needle in my apartment…like a needle in a haystack…except the needle was somewhere in the closet. The thought made me laugh (sort of, when I wasn’t grumbling like a crazed woman talking to herself in a closet).



One Of Those Days…

18 05 2009

I’ve completed spinning the alpaca.  I’ve 2-plied it.  It looks pretty.  Still could have been tighter.  First time I’ve plied from 2 bobbins instead of a center pull ball.  I liked that much better than the center pull ball however, it left some left over singles that I then plied from a center pull ball.


It turned out well.  Mostly.  It’s sort of fuzzy, and bloomy and weird.  I’m sure it will knit up fine.  I had to set it twice because it seemed a little kinky.


Blogiversary update…leave a comment any time in May, win a prize, one entry per person.  Leave a link mentioning the contest on your blog, win a prize (make a comment notating this anytime in May).  Prize will be sock yarn.  I will eventually post this prize.  I haven’t had time to contemplate this far yet.


I’m Sure This Is A Sign

6 05 2009

Firstly, contest…for my blogiversary, 3rd or 4th year I think.  Leave a comment and perhaps an opinion on how I ought to ply the singles on that post by 05/31/09.  Easy peasy.


Second, I’m ready to ply (haha).  I finished running the second single through the wheel a second time.


Livin’ the Dream

4 05 2009

New blog.  I hope you followed from the last blog.  In order to test this theory I am going to have a contest.  It’s to celebrate the new blog and my blogiversary, which is sometime in May.  Enter a comment saying hello on the end of this post.  Also, I have spun up this…


…this now needs to be plied (once I run the second bobbin on singles through the wheel again).  Poor Thing 1 was trying to help me out this morning undoing the first 2-ply I tried and couldn’t live with.  Thank goodness it wasn’t far.  I almost snipped it.  I think I have forgotten how to ply, or I ply like crap (or I’m a perfectionist and like to drive myself crazy).

I’m leaning towards 2 ply, I’ve never tried from 2 bobbins before.  I think that Navajo ply would look wonderful and keep the stripes, but there are only 2 oz. of this stuff (or maybe 4 oz., dang now I can’t remember).  Tell me in your post what your opinion is (and hello).  The winner will get a prize!  Of yarn most likely (and sock yarn at that, I’m a big fan).  I’m not sure what, but I’ll post it up as soon as I figure it out.  The contest will go on until 05/31/09.  Leave a comment, 1 entry, and I’ll be the first commenter.