If You Ever Wondered…

19 01 2010

this is what crazy looks like.


This is a picture of my un-plied, 2-ply yarn, that I had been working on in the month of December.  The more I plied the more I hated it.  I looked at my options:

  1. Keep plying 2-ply until I filled a bobbin, then cut it off and start Navajo plying the rest.
  2. Suck it up, I have more fiber to spin.
  3. Un-ply.

I opted for #3.  I stuck a crochet hook through the bobbin (the one you can’t see) and attached it with a rubber band, and then let gravity do it’s magic.  Ah, the poster child for OCD and perfectionism, but I did finish it and I am now Navajo plying it.


The Things We Do

11 01 2010

Okay, the first time I tried to post this didn’t work.

First things first, I am really tired.  I didn’t even realize that my title is just about the same as the previous post.  I am special.

Second, my first post was funny.  This one not so much.

Below is my attempt in unplying yarn I’ve spun.


Here would have been the long-winded explanation that I don’t want to type out again, mostly because I can’t remember it.  I know it was only 5 minutes ago.

The above picture is a fine example of perfectionism and OCD mixed together.

Ah, the things we do…

10 01 2010



The best thing about friends are those who entertain your whims by taking you to yarn stores you don’t need to go to.  Starting from left to right, I went to Mew Mew’s, a very tiny shop in Lafayette.  Cozy, carries Malabrigo and has a store tabby, awesome.  So, there’s watermelon colored sock yarn (still not what I’m looking for to appease my watermelon phase, but it’s getting warmer), Malabrigo sock (awesome), and Malabrigo worsted (yummy).  I also went to Lambspun, which is large, full of knitters/spinners and left me completely overwhelmed.  I acquired a little bag of quiviet, a big thing of green, some sockish weight yarn and something with yak in it.


Quiviet.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to spin it.  It’s only 1/2 an ounce, I’m not even sure it will amount to much of anything.  I did have two friends touch it today, both non-knitters, both who said, “You paid how much for yak fur?” and who both said, “Wow…”

The Elder Gods, Keepin’ Me Busy

7 01 2010


Sometime last Spring my friend Josh asked me if I could make him a Cthulu. I of course gave him my typical answer of, some time before I die.  This past weekend when I saw him proved that he hadn’t forgotten the request.


Suddenly, I found myself inspired to get started. I think it turned out well. I am sad that I didn’t follow the links on the pattern’s site for the magic round or the invisible decreases. Very clever ideas. I used a size H hook instead of an F. I couldn’t figure out how to get the tiny hook to work correctly with the worsted weight yarn. Maybe I’ll try another one since I now know the magic of the magic round and invisible decreases.


The designer of this pattern mentions that the directions for the wings is somewhat confusing. However, the designer offers a visual representation of them, which helps a lot.  Over all, it was a super fun little crochet.  Also a super way to use up acrylic.

I also finished measuring and re-skeining the samples I spun up towards the end of last year. I heart my yard counter. Now if I could just figure out what to do with all the yarn in my growing stash.


I started plying my last spinning adventure. I enjoyed the Louet Northern Lights pencil roving immensely. It was super easy to spin, no predrafting at all. I’m plying it double ply from two bobbins. I do enjoy this method, although I am wondering if I should have used the Navajo ply in order to maintain the long color stripes in this roving.


I’ve decided I need to start a blanket soon, I think I have until April. I’d like to try the spiral looking drain blanket, but the first time I started it on the needle size suggested it felt extraordinarily stiff.

Those are the latest addition to my addiction family, Addi Clicks.  They are worth every penny.


Happy New Year

5 01 2010

Exciting title I know.

I wish there was something interesting that has happened since the last time I posted.  I can’t say that much has happened.  The holidays occurred, the vacation at home occurred.  Friends, family, food…lots of food.  My lack of blogging has really been attributed to my lack of interest.  After all there is Ravelry, but not everyone has a Ravelry account.

The biggest thing I can announce is that despite my persistent procrastination I managed to finish up the Christmas presents for the kids.  I lucked out this year since I had until the 27th to get them completed.

This here is the first and last jellyfish I make out of dark-colored yarn.  Thing 1 adored it though and the alpaca is super soft and lovely to the touch.


This is the longneck, who’s long neck was not long enough, but is good enough.  I was in such a rush to get this guy done, I took him to a bar to finish him up while my friend and I watched an Arsenal game.  Of course in true fashion, I did not take a picture of him with the gloves on (which were well received).  (I remembered that today, doh!)  In days prior to the knitting in the bar, I spent much amusement with people who couldn’t figure out what I was knitting.


Now the sharptooth has a brother and see how they get along?


I finished the Calorimetry as well.  It still seems really really big to me.  (No, I didn’t do a swatch.  Yes, I know I should.)  I haven’t gotten a chance to give it to its recipient yet.



Happy New Year to all. ^.^