And We’re Back…

23 10 2009

My friend recently asked me if I had started knitting anything else.  Me?  World’s slowest knitter?  Why no!  I’m still knitting a scarf.  She said if the recipient doesn’t like it, she would be more than happy to acquire it.  I think this is the second repeat.


Then she said I was probably using the cheap yarn on the scarf I’m pondering out for her.  ‘It must be like 98 cents or something.’  Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?  Super cheap, super awesome yarn?



5 10 2009

I have been spinning for about 4 years now. I’ve never been able to really figure out how to estimate yardage based off of weight. The principle just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve tried taking my scale and weighing a yard or two and doing the math to estimate the yardage from there, but still I didn’t like the method nor cutting the yarn. Instead I took tape measure and measured out the length of a wrap around my niddy noddy. I would then count how many loops I had in a hank, multiply that by the previous measurement, divide by 12 and then by 3. This method would give me a very rough estimate of the yards, but it was enough to get an idea.

This past weekend a friend of mine offered to assist in my project. This meant, I got to send him links to websites I found that had ideas on them. He would offer his opinion on the matter and I would sort of nod. It worked out well, after all my knowledge of building things with power tools is somewhat limited, although my supervisory experience is exceptional. This is what we ended up with.


I found that my former method of estimating yarn is about 12% – 20% off. I decided to leave the WPI off of the new labels. All in all I am quite pleased with the result.