23 09 2009

I think there is something magical about setting a skein of yarn. It goes from this to this.  When you complete your project it some how truly looks like yarn instead of a mess of fur from an animal. How simple a thing, is turned into something quite amazing and useful.


Taking something twisted and quite a tangled mess, dousing it in hot water and whacking it as hard as you can into the wall to make something quite beautiful.  (Please pardon my crappy picture taking ability.)


Does anyone out there have any advice on dried skeins? Do you reskein it? I keep having issue with it spinning back on itself because I spin very tightly. Not because it’s right or wrong (I would assume many would think it wrong), but because I like the product produced. I have been procrastinating reskeining anything right now until I get this yarn meter thing made. THEN, I’ll reskein and label even. Heck, if I’m super awesome OCD I will even stick a WPI amount on the label.

I’m even onto the next project.


I’m telling you, samples, are where it’s at. You feel accomplished and productive. Granted I also have enough yarn to make a stocking. As in mini a stocking (Rav link). I’ll have hundreds of them!  (I swear I have a fairly decent camera, I seem to be fighting with it some.)

I haven’t posted a picture of the scarf in a while.


I’m done with the second set. (Only 5 more to go.) I’m still on the first skein of yarn.  I doubt I will have this completed before the end of winter, you never know.  It’s still interesting to knit, so that’s a good sign.  I do wish that I had chosen a more solid color so you could see the pattern better.  If it weren’t for my love affair with multicolored skeins, it would have happened.  I’m not looking forward to the tubular cast off (involving sewing in the pattern.  I may have to review other ways, I don’t think I like the idea of sewing, in sections, this thing off.  Despite the hesitation I have about this scarf it is lovely to touch.  That alone has kept me moving forward on the project.


I Suck At Research

21 09 2009

I’ve been wanting a yarn meter for awhile now.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine, how I thought I could make one cheaper, he agreed and offered his assistance.  I was thrilled.  Today I bought a line counter.  I never bothered reading Ravelry.  I had seen a few of these odometer ideas around but until 30 minutes ago, I didn’t know that the device was a bicycle odometer. Then I saw this idea using a measuring wheel.  I think I’m sold.

Sadly I don’t think that I can return the line counter easily.  We’ll see when it gets here.  What have I learned?  I need to use the vast source of the internet more wisely.  So far this is easily costing me more than it would have been just to pick the darn thing up from KnitPicks in the first place.  How embarrassing.

Now, I just need to talk myself out of buying a drill and find those stupid rubber bracelets I didn’t think I was ever going to use for anything.


16 09 2009

Finished one sample, plied and happy. It turned out much better than I thought it would. I think I should re-skein the skeins after they dry. I know that my kinks are due to over spinning, but I love the tight ply.  This one bloomed quite nicely in its water bath.


Finished two sample, plied and happy.  This one is ready for its water bath.  I’m not sure how I like the white as my other ply yarn.  I think I might try and pick up some black merino roving top and spin some singles of that as a contrast yarn.  It did help in stretching out the yardage. (Looks like peppermint spaghetti.)




16 09 2009

I started a new spinning project.


It’s another sample from Funky Carolina and I think I will be trying to Navajo ply this sample instead of blending it with white Merino.  First, I don’t think this is Merino (actually I know it can’t be).  Second, I’m curious to see what it will ply into since I didn’t diz the roving sample.


I don’t have a picture of the other two samples I finished up.  I set one of the samples, and the other one is ready to be set.  I also got a new book, Twisted Stitch Knitting, and I have to say this really is one of the niftiest books I’ve ever seen.  It’s full of charts, which is mildly intimidating, since I’ve never worked from one yet.