The Gift

31 08 2009

This is where I put in a picture you have already seen. 1) I haven’t taken any new ones, with 900+ stitches, the progress doesn’t show well, 2) I’m feeling lazy, I just don’t want to hook up my camera.


The picture here, is because we’re all here for the pictures. At least I am.

It occurred to me today as I was at my dentist appointment that knitting is a gift.  A wonderous gift.  This dentist whom I have seen since I was 12, looked at my Ziploc bag and said, “Oh, is that knitting?”  I replied, “Yes.”  He looks over my x-rays and comments, “What are you knitting?  It looks like something I like.”  I replied, “A scarf.  I typically knit scarves, but I know how to do sweaters and socks.  That’s made out of silk.”  He smiles, “Oh, that explains it.  It looked like something delicate.”

That’s when it hit me, I am so tickled when people recognize that something you are making is knitting.  Not crochet, not any other yarn craft, but knitting.  I hate to say, but I’m even more impressed when men recognize it.  Although I probably have had more men recognize it than women, truth be told.  Ah, yes with gender profiling.

I was always taught that making something special for someone was more meaningful, or at least should be, than something store bought.  Oddly enough, I’m not always a very good receiver, lame and hypocritical I know.  I’m a hard person to shop for.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had a “perfect” present, except from my parents.  (This is where I start rambling.)  I know I’ve always had very happy recipients, and really I haven’t really knitted many things for myself.  Knitting is just something I do.  Kind of like breathing.


A Little Bit of Everything

25 08 2009

So, since I will likely forget later this week (Thursday).


Happy birthday to me.  How I do love SeaSilk.  I have no plans for either, but I do love this stuff.



This is the progress on the scarf. It’s going along rather well. I’m still having mixed feelings.


It is very soft though.

Cast Your Votes Now

19 08 2009

So far, the poll goes favorably for not frogging this project.  My personal jury of me, myself, and I, are still out.  I keep plugging along.  I’m almost done with the first set of instructions.  (Only 6 more to go.) Most of the comments have been along the lines of, “Ooo, who is that for?” “Can I have it if they don’t want it?” “Can you make me one?” (I’ve had two questions along those lines.)


It’s hard to tell what this piece what it’s going to look like all bunched up on the needles. I can’t tell if this turning out be too muddied or if it is blending wonderfully. The colors are making the pattern a little harder to see and I’m not sure how I feel about it, since I am enjoying the look of the pattern very much.  (My one non-knitterly friend said, “Are you going to take the beads off before you give this to him?  If not, you could give it to me.”)


Any thoughts?  Again, with the much more green than I expected too.  I was hoping for more blue.  It is delightfully soft though and I’m sure the intended will enjoy greatly.


These are the skeins that I have my latest ideas about gifts. The lighter colored one for my cousin and the darker one for Kate.  I’m still pondering the patterns, but I’m leaning towards this for the lighter and this for the darker.


I’ve been obsessed about highlighter tape recently.  I can’t find any locally.  I have found some on the internet, but I haven’t gotten around to buying any.  This is my make shift highlighter tape for now.  It’s book cover wrap I bought years ago when I did a lot of pen palling.  It seems to work ok for now.

Hence the Indecision

12 08 2009


I can’t tell if I like this or if I don’t.  Part of my issue is that my second part of this (on the right) seems so much tighter than the first part (to the left).  If I stretch it around I can make it look the same.


I mean the skeins looked so pretty, and well it’s turning out to be so much more green than I expected.


I’m not sure if this is just looking all muddied together or if this is turning out to be something awesome.  See, this is where I get to the point of, should I frog it and find a new pattern or continue?  I love the pattern, and if this were $2 yarn, I’d keep going, but this is Sea Silk and well…

I kinda think I should love it…


11 08 2009


I have two knitting projects in mind…one for my cousin and one for Kate.  Both will be made out of (are you sitting down?) stash.  Whew!  I said it.  I took some yarn out of it’s glass case and I think I’ll actually knit something out of it.

I’m on Lambspun’s mailing list.  I was so pleased to see a little sample of fiber.  You know I’ll spin something out of it.  Even if it is just a foot…


I like fiber.  In all it’s shapes and sizes. (I think there’s not even an ounce there.)  I so need to take a trip to this store some time.