See? I knit.

30 07 2009

Yesterday I took the kids to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It’s our annual summer adventure. Thing 2 was very into it this year and that was a lot of fun. I even took my knitting with me. I had actually taken it with me to the Dragonboat Festival too, but I left my camera in the car, which was bummer.


We got a later start than usual. Typically I like to be there when the gates open so I can get a close parking sport. Nothing is worse than having to walk a long way with two tired children at the end of the day. It wasn’t too terrible though. I’ll have to remember to stay away from the pizza next time, it was squishy. It rained, but not too terribly and we were able to go back to the playground after we visited the gift store.



What Kind of Blogger Are You?

20 07 2009


Progress on the scarf over the weekend.  I’m up to row 5 in this picture I think.  Sea silk feels wonderful.  I think I will try making a Clapotis when I am done with this project.  I will need to take a break from this sometime in November for the kids Christmas presents to be made.  Maybe I’ll be done with this by then.


It’s lookin’ pretty fine if I do say so myself. I haven’t dropped a stitch yet, although it almost happened on Saturday, much to my distress.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to the tubular bind off, but I am enjoying knitting this.



Take 2

17 07 2009


Cast on complete. 692 stitches. Not to be mistaken with 691, because that will cause someone (maybe me) to frog rows. Just saying.

24 rows in the pattern to repeat 6 times. 144 rows total multiplied by 692 stitches = 99,648 stitches.

I have two theories right now:

  1. I’m crazy.
  2. This will make me love knitting beyond reason.

It also makes me wonder why I don’t just break out a loom, but I’m moving and looms are large and…

See, I’m using very wonderful fine, fine yarn and I found a pattern I really like, so I’m sure that going to very fine expensive yarn from the cheaper alternative I typically have been known to knit with will spoil me beyond reason. I’m also hoping that the prospect of having a balcony where I don’t get things poured on me or things dropped on me will encourage me to want to sit outside and knit. After all everything is good in theory.

Funny Story

15 07 2009


This is not an illusion using camera tricks, this really is smaller than it was.  I call it practice casting on for my cast on.  Heh.  So I happen to be chatting with the recipient the other day and the conversation goes something like this,

Me:  Oh, I frogged something the other night.
Recipient: You did?  Don’t tell me it was the scarf.
Me: Ok.

Yes, I frogged the scarf.  Somewhere in the 600+ stitch I p2tog instead of p.  Whoops.  Instead of ripping back I thought, I was *convinced* that I could just fix it in the next row.  Not so much.  I’m sure if I had used something like, oh DPNs or something I might have been able to.

I just liked his reaction.  “don’t tell me.”  Ok.  I won’t.  Ahem.


13 07 2009

Sunday was a lazy Sunday spent watching Red vs. Blue and knitting.


By lunchtime and 37 episodes later I had this.


Piece of cake.

Everythings Fine. Fine.

12 07 2009


Heh, the real gauge works out just fine, except I only did a 2 inch measurement instead of 4.  After all, how badly can you mess up a scarf?

Notice Anything?

9 07 2009

My 5th swatch was a success in tubular bind off.


I thus started the next swatch, in the real stuff.


It’s at that point when Imbrium pointed something out to me.


Yes, that reads gauge should be measured in stockinette stitch.  Meaning my swatches really could have just been 1 in a nice stockinette stitch, in the real stuff.  As in it could have been done a week ago.  ::shrugs::  ^.^