29 06 2009

The lesson for today is…if your sister won’t move the bucket so you can put more water in it with the watering hose, spray her with the hose instead.

Apparently, that will make your sister so mad that she won’t play with you anymore.  So what’s a guy to do?  Water yourself of course.


Non Stop Go

15 06 2009

First things first.

This is the prize for May’s blogiversary contest. Shiny sock yarn, tea, and a bar of soap. I love milk soap.  The winner is One Sheep.  Please leave another comment so I can email you.  ^.^


Second, I got to go to Estes Park this weekend for the EPWM. I totally spaced it. Thank you again Imbrium for enabling reminding me.


My haul this year involved an roving (L to right clockwise) from Lambspun, angora blend (which I have never spun before), natural dyed fiber from Stefania, and lace weight yarn from Skaska.

This is a set of felting needles.


My mantra will be, I shall not hide these so well from myself that I can’t find them when I want to find them. Unlike the last set, which was set in such a safe place, I can’t find the safe place. I hate it when I do that. I found it mildly amusing that I was looking for a needle in my apartment…like a needle in a haystack…except the needle was somewhere in the closet. The thought made me laugh (sort of, when I wasn’t grumbling like a crazed woman talking to herself in a closet).


Better Late Than Never?

5 06 2009


I’m now starting to drown in projects that I’m just not finishing.

Project #1 (because listing them and showing pictures of them online is somehow going to make me feel better) are the gloves for Gimion. Yup… 1 and a half fingerless gloves (that most likely won’t fit) but, hey, they’re pretty…I mean manly.


Project #2 my jaywalker socks. Well, they once were socks, now they’re cakes. Does it count as a project if you frog it back into a cake?


Project #3 new Noro socks. Again. With the cake. I realized, only after I split the skein, that I could have left it alone for the striping and well, I’d just rather not talk about it, moving on…


Project #4 pencil scarf for Thing 2’s teacher. Crap. Today was the day, and well, that didn’t happen. If you find my motivation please let it know I didn’t mean to yell and scream at it. I miss it. I’ll make cookies if it will come home. (Ok, so I won’t, because you need motivation to do that.) (Yes, this is the same picture as the prior post, like I said…motivation.)


Project #5 because it seemed like a good idea at the time, is a strap for my Nerf gun. I even got a request from a friend to make a holster for their Nerf shotgun. I don’t think my friends know me, have they ever seen me finish a project?


I don’t even want to count the projects I’ve thought about and even bought nice yarn for. These items are somewhere in the 4-5 range and sitting in a box growling at me. When you have to chain up your stash box does that mean it’s gone feral?

The Post That Was Late

5 06 2009

It’s humid. It’s overcast. At least it’s spring.

May turned out to be an unusual month for me. I will pull a blogiversary winner. I’m just moving at a snails pace as RL is impeding on my VL. Very tech like sounding huh?

I’m currently spinning lace weight singles of white merino with the intention of having a full bobbin for times when I have a sample amount (1 oz. or less) of roving in color that I’ve spun. I plan on making a black bobbin as well. In my brain this is making sense to maximize the yardage of the color singles I make. We’ll see if I like the theory or the reality better when I ply them.


This of course will cause me to obtain at least 1 more bobbin for my wheel for larger color projects. These little color projects are amusing me for now. I originally thought that I was going to use the samples to teach people drop spindle, but they didn’t arrive in the mail quickly enough and I just ended making my own out of the stash I already had.

Tonight is the night I must finish my pencil scarf (I’m still looking for my motivation, if you see it please let me know, I miss it dearly). I have no idea how long to make this thing.